Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Ratatat Album - "LP3"

Here's a few tracks from Ratatat's new album. Definitely one to listen to on headphones, or at least in a place where you can enjoy the sweet production. Probably good even if you're just blasting it, too.

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GDL said...

Evan -

Don't know if I really like the new album, but I've listened to it only once. I usually give albums a second pass before making my opinion, so will see.

I saw Frayne, Malleo, and Chevitz a few back. Had a great time. Chris is the same guy that we knew in college, pulling out his shlong in the middle of the party, doing the squinty eye laugh, and commenting that "I was the model of fitness" - simply untrue.

Hope things are well with you.